Purpose 主要用途:Office, Retail, Residence 事務所・店舗(物販・飲食、集合住宅 Site:999.24㎡ Building Area:4,621.54㎡ Collaboration: Komura Agency コムラエージェンシー, Modelia モデリア CONTRACTOR:NAKANOFUDO CORPORATION ナカノフドー建設 LEASING:XYMAX ザイマックス PHOTO: Bauhaus Neo

Complex building combined with office facilities, commercial facilities, and residential facilities.
An elegant appearance based on the entrance space with a sense of openness that is planned in a gate shape with a height of 6 m and straight lines and squares. Green tone glass wall showing various facial expressions by transmission and reflection of light. Intelligence and sensibility resonate at the entrance where harmoniously fluctuates harmoniously

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