Flamme Project/Flamme Chair in “Surprising Japan” at Design Pier, Usagi Gallery in Hong Kong SURPIRSING JAPAN For its Surprising Japan exhibition, Design Pier engages leading edge and influential Japanese designers, all passionate about creating new ways to think about everyday objects.Design Pier showcases high-end design products which all reflect a less well-known attitude in Japanese design. Their common characteristic is uniqueness sometimes eccentrism but above all audacity in the chosen materials, sizes, or colors.Despite their diversity, the exhibited projects share fundamental design principles but always with an attempt to define a new identity of Japanese design beyond tradition.The exhibition aims to create a universe where attentive eyes can reveal surprising details. Exhibitors will be PHIFRAME, KENGO KUMA AND ASSOCIATES, Akihiro Mori, Koji Shiraya, Aya Kawabata, Cipango, Sachie Muramatsu, Hiroki Takada, Studio Hnasode, Critiba for industry, Studio Rope, ISSEY MIYAKE X IITALA, Takeshi Yasuda for Artasy. DESIGN PIER Design Pier aims to add a new dimension and a new flavor to Hong Kong’s design scene via its curated exhibitions, talks, events andpartnerships. Design Pier’s professional design exhibitions present leading-edgecontemporary designers with unique, high- end design pieces appealingto collectors, buyers, architects, journalists and a design and art-savvypublic at large. Besides bringing together the best of contemporary and international design talents, Design Pier’s team carefully selects the exhibited piecesaround specific themes and offers a strong content with a syntheticoverview on the different design trends. EXHIBITION November 29th – December 4th, 2016 USAGI GALLERY 6-10 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong FLAMME PROJECT A Gas Company’s multi-purpose facility, located in Iga city, a castle town near Kyoto Prefecture. FLAMME’s architectural concept was that the sequences of space cross over each other and form seam-like intervals in between. By interknotting various functions of different areas, FLAMME creates a new composition of spaces for a complex facility. Series of "frames" stand and are woven into one same direction. There is no barrier from or towards other directions. Users can flexibly decide where to be and where to go in the facility. As a whole, FLAMME offers an unlimited experience of seamless space. Very basic usage of FLAMME can be as a showroom, a cooking school, terrace and a cafe, but the Complex can also function as a gallery, an event space or a party hall to accommodate various social activities. FLAMME CHAIR FLAMME CHAIR was originally designed for FLAMME, and shares FLAMME ‘s architectural concept “weave the whole like a tapestry translated into a composition of spatial frames” and uses the same wooden-steel hybrid structural system. Wooden frames from the front and the back merge, like they are intertwined, on the side of the chair. A steel rod penetrates these wooden legs to keep them in one place. The chair is now on the market and is built to order by a Japanese manufacturer named Collabore. Two variations are available for the frame: black walnut and hard maple. 「SURPRISING JAPAN」展が香港のUSAGIギャラリー(キュレーター DESIGN PIER)に出展。 キュレーターのDESIGN PIERにより、建築、家具、照明、テキスタイル、カップ、テーブルウェアなど様々な視点からイッセイ三宅、隈研吾氏をはじめとする日本の13組のデザイナーが選ばれています。 FLAMMEプロジェクト時に制作したFLAMME CHAIRも展示します。

                                                         FLAMME CHAIR   photo:Ryota Atarashi
                                         FLAMME   photo: Ryota Atarashi
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