Located in the heart of Tokyo, this project draws on the idea of the forest to provide the right office atmosphere for a Scandinavian organization.
The use of steel and other metals was avoided in favour of the warmth that wood provides. Japanese ash and basswood were selected for the bookcase, desks, cabinets, and lockers.
To meet the requirements of the office without compromising the organizing design theme, tile carpeting, which exploits the texture of sliced lumber, was carefully chosen. As a result, the floor echoes the materiality of the objects that fill the office space.
The layout further reinforces the idea of the forest. The abstract motif of conifers was transposed onto the glass windows, creating a soft visual boundary between the aisle, the terraces, the meeting spaces, and the main office space.
During the day, the layers of the conifer motif and the shadows cast through the windows offer a naturally inspired visual solace, as if you are surrounded by trees. This is especially true in the meeting spaces, which are bounded by windows on their two sides. Finally, furniture pieces were specially ordered and installed in ways to bolster the overall design scheme.
The rows of bookcases were offset from the floor to achieve a "floating" visual effect, above which cabinets were placed with a space in between. The resultant atmosphere is that of warmth, lightness, and comfort amidst the busy environs of Tokyo.

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